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Supported Currencies

We support creating payments in $ USD and € EUR and several cryptocurrencies as payment methods.

Supported Blockchains

Ethereum✓ network id: 1✓ network id: 5 (Goerli)
Polygon✓ network id: 137✓ network id: 80001 (Mumbai)
BNB Chain✓ network id: 56✓ network id: 97
TRON✓ (shasta)

Supported Cryptocurrencies

Here's the list of available cryptocurrencies and minimal withdrawal amounts in USD.

BlockchainCurrencyDecimalsMainnetTestnetMin. Withdrawal
EthereumETH_USDT6view contract$40
EthereumETH_USDC6view contract$40
PolygonMATIC_USDT6view contract$10
PolygonMATIC_USDC6view contract$10
BNB ChainBNB18$10
BNB ChainBSC_USDT18view contractview contract$10
TRONTRON_USDT6view contractview contract$10

Didn't find a preferred cryptocurrency? Leave a support ticket (Dashboard > Support) and we will add it! 😇

Service Fees

OxygenPay charges a constant rate of 1.5% for each incoming transaction. Enterprise customers can get custom rates based on transaction bandwidth, contact sales for more details.


Example: given a payment of $50 and a customer transaction 50 USDT (ETH), your balance will be incremented by 49.25 USDT (ETH)

Withdrawal Fees

We also charge gas fees when performing withdrawals. The exact withdrawal fee depends on a particular blockchain and network processing demand. Withdrawal fees are subtracted from the same balance in the same currency. You can view this information by visiting Dashboard > Balances > Withdraw funds